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Health Insurance

Our system combines a robust, digital-ready platform with a set of core modules that can be used alone or as a unified suite.

In one highly-configurable, loosely coupled, multi-line system, you get the tools and technology needed for policy administration, rating, re-insurance, quotation, underwriting, healthcare providers, claims, billing, and customer experience management. Making rapid managerial Decisions with up to date information and reducing the TAT for Policy Issuance. A Table Driven Setup to enable the users to configure the products according to their requirements. The system enables the configuration of Complex Products and Member relationships in a very short span of time. Hassle free configuration of rule Engines to help quick Underwriting decisions. Configure, Price, Quote solution for quick premium calculation

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Life Insurance

Exaosis Life Insurance software streamlines and accelerates the claims management process while providing complete visibility into all information relevant to a particular case.

Customized forms and communications can be generated automatically throughout any phase of the Policy servicing process. All Groups with ease of customized rating rules and communications can be setup without any heart burn. Communications to the group administrator has also to the respective member of the group can be configured with their respective process and business rules. The Full product life cycle at the group level for Term insurance or Endowment type products are handled with ease. Payouts based on various rules can be setup to the satisfaction of the various customers.

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General Insurance

In today’s global, digital and fast-paced world, insurance carriers, agents and customers all demand real-time, agile, accurate data via personalized dashboards, across any channels or devices.

Fast search functionality and support for new sales channels, particularly mobile and social, are vital. The Exaosis Platform for Property & Casualty offers solutions for policy, billing and claims for all Lines of business, and a comprehensive reinsurance solution enabling insurers to manage the risks and activities for all lines of business. The platform also includes an end-to-end, holistic and seamless digital experience for agents, customers, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. The software also contains a configurable rules for fraud detection and money laundering.

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HealthCare can also be called as a Virtual Health care platform where the customers can get in touch with Doctors Remotely through video conferencing or Mobile Applications.

Hassle free Appointment Scheduling for Medical checkups is literally done in minutes. Real-time performance management suite to enable healthcare organizations to accelerate their value-based initiatives through tailored components for specific industry needs.