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Maintenance and Support

Within the E2E approach, our QA and testing teams use test scenarios that simulate real user behavior

Involve all integrated components such as interfaces, databases, network, external systems, and other applications.
We use a range of tried-and-true techniques in end-to-end test design and execution, including the following:

Maintenance &

We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software system TCO and ensure useful improvements and optimization steps. This is not only about availability of single units and modules it is about making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably.


Adaptive maintenance delivered by our team ensures that your software and hardware work stably and reliably in the new, altered environment.


Specify the infrastructure and test cases/use cases developed according to the test plan designed for each identified risk using a lightweight approach to adapt to changing requirements.


This service enables facilitated updates & releases management to ensure that your system or application stays in line with the latest technology, ahead of competition.

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Software Support

With a specialization in L3 support, we also offer 1st & 2nd level support services For applications developed by us or by any third party vendor.

L1 Support: user guidance, standard issue fixing, monitor system data analysis, etc.

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During maintenance, we focus upon IT infrastructure with following services

  • Consulting Services: choosing the right infrastructure and hosting options, eliminating scalability issues, etc.
  • Application Launch: pre-release environment setup, tuning the system monitoring, scalability automation, etc.
  • Project Health Checkup: security audit, server management, backup storage setup, OS versions update, application licenses check, resources availability and performance control, etc.
  • Cloud Solutions Delivery: expertise in working with a variety of Cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace, and other), migration to Cloud, Cloud infrastructure design, etc.
  • Incident Management: fast reaction to issues, system restoration, etc.
  • Request Processing: migration to new hosting, upgrade delivery, IT systems optimization, etc



Providing 24/7 monitoring of your core applications, hardware and overall system performance.

  • Application monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Network and remote connectivity management
  • Event log management
  • Backup & recovery